What is Zenfist

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Zenfist Kickboxing is a modern, progressive system, built from a solid foundation of strong martial arts principles.

At its core Zenfist is a dynamic blend of traditional asian fighting styles and western boxing.

Perhaps you want a new, fun way of keeping healthy, fit and safe.

Maybe you want to compete in tournaments or the ring, or already compete in MMA but you want to improve your stand up game and add some new tools to your personal arsenal.

Because Zenfist is based on traditional arts there is a grading and belt system in place for those that want to progress towards their black belt.

The term Kickboxing can sound scary if your new to the martial arts but in reality its no more daunting or different than any other gym class.

Zenfist is always friendly and fun and Kickboxing is the ultimate workout.

Zenfist Kickboxing 

Fun Lessons /Serious Results.

Current Class times:

Private lessons are still available

Classes are on hold for the foreseeable future

 (mixed class children & adults)

Please note there is no childrens only class at this present time..


Feel free to email / facebook us or phone for a chat...

A Typical Class

Fully Equipped Training Area

The class takes place in a heated and fully matted training area.

Dont worry about equipment Zenfist has all the nessasary gloves and pads ready for your use.

The back wall is also mirrored so you can check out how great you look while you train.

Training always consists of a warm up, followed by stretching then the class proper begins.

Working with partners is a big part of the training and nothing feels quite as good as punching or kicking a focus pad or kick shield while feeling and hearing that satisfying thud, followed by the realisation of
"I just did that"!

The classes are always varied and interesting and may include mini circuits, various drills, work on the heavy bag, sparring for those who want it and of course a lot of laughs.

Everyone gets some personal training time with the instructor.

Wear something loose so you can kick ( joggers, shorts, Thai shorts or Kickboxing and karate pants ) .
You will sweat ...maybe bring a small towel with you and a bottle of water.

Zenfist parent & children mixed class

Bond together over something empowering.

Your child is doing great and you're proud; they do well in their studies, they're healthy and growing up fine. Maybe they're not as confident of themselves as they could be, though.

Perhaps they have trouble making decisions, or to be more outgoing with others. Maybe you've noticed that they yearn for some direction in their life, something more structured.

Like many parents of today, you're job and other familial responsibilities can bog you down, steal time away from you and yours.

As technology takes an ever more important role in everyone's lives we all tend to get home and plug in and tune out, Smart phones, X-Box, PC and TV all takes family time spent together and turns it into time spent apart..

Consider Zenfist Parent and child combination training. Bond together over something empowering. 

Be right there to witness the self-confidence grow in your child as you both become strengthened in life and living--not just in body, but in heart and mind as well.

Zenfist Kickboxing - Fun Lessons / Serious Results.


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