Zenfist Kick-Boxing Club

Fun Lessons - Serious Results


Take back your body

Perhaps you want a new, fun way of keeping healthy, fit and safe.

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself, feel strong again, full of vitality, and see where you can go.

Zenfist is a modern, progressive system, built on a solid foundation of strong martial arts principles.

Ring Craft

Maybe you want to compete in tournaments or the ring, or already compete in MMA but you want to improve your stand up game and add some new tools to your personal arsenal.

Zenfist will work with you to achieve your personal goals.



"Very professional and dedicated trainer , I started nearly 9 months ago from the beginning and have learnt so much , love every session , learn something new everytime , highly recommend ! "

"I've been to a few different martial arts classes over the years and this is definitely a good one. The group is welcoming, the teacher is knowledgeable and explains techniques clearly. It's a good class for all levels and gives the opportunity to study at your own pace.... maybe it's non-contact fitness you're after, maybe you want to fight in tournaments, it's all here for you.
If you're thinking about taking something up, come along and give it a go."

“Awesome club, learning so much in a short space of time and it's fun too :) Love the tailored support we all get to improve our kickboxing game!”

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